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Steam Wishlist Event

Hello Warriors!

Overprime Steam page is finally here!!!
Did you already add Overprime to your wishlist?

To celebrate the opening of Overprime Steam page, we like to ask you to join our celebration!

Please check below for more details.

Overprime Steam Wishlist Event

Event Period :
November 15, 2021 12:00 AM – until the Early Access launch (PST)
November 15, 2021 09:00 AM – until the Early Access Launch (CET)
November 15, 2021 05:00 PM – until the Early Access Launch (KST)

How to Participate :
Step1. Go to Overprime Steam page ( and log in using your Steam account.
Step2. Get ready to take a short video using your mobile device.
Step3. Record the screen of your PC and click the [Add to your wishlist] button.
Step4. Upload your video using YouTube Shorts, and tag #overprime or @overprime.
Step5. Send us the link to your post on the [steam-wishlist] channel in Overprime Discord server.

Discord Server :

Video Guide :

Event Rewards :
– All participants of the ‘Overprime Steam Wishlist Event’ will receive in-game currency (worth USD $10) as a reward,
and the top 20 highest view records will get an additional special reward. The more views you have more chances to get an additional reward!

Note :
– Community Manager may request information about your Steam account for the distribution of rewards.
– The rewards will be distributed once the game is launched on Steam.
– The rewards can only be used when playing Overprime in Steam.
– Please be noted that the incorrect link or post can be disqualified.

Let’s fight!
-CM Bumblebee-